Don’t Get Eaten By Anything

2015, 368 pages, Conundrum Press.

Nominated for an Ignatz Award and Winner of the 2016 Doug Wright Spotlight Award, this book collects three years of daily comic strips. Although it began as a diary comic, it gradually morphed into a gnashing, howling little world of cursing children, worried monsters, mutilated faces, and adorable small animals. These figures amble between absurd comedy and that dark, empty feeling of cosmic insignificance that keeps you up at night. But it will all be okay, unless something eats you first.



Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On

2013, 188 pages, Conundrum Press

Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On is a collection of short comics filled with yawning skies, dark humour, and quiet ruminations on memory, aging, and time. Drunken gnomes, sensitive teenagers, and a meditative cowboy all wander toward a sprawling, ghost-ridden horizon.

“The wide open prairie of Saskatchewan, the domestication of garden gnomes, the psychoanalytic breakdown of 8-bit video games — into these and other subjects Dakota McFadzean digs with his pen and brush, unearthing truths that discomfit even as they entertain. This collection of his best work to date mashes cuteness into cruelty, hope into resignation, and life into death, leaving us with one slow-burning ball of phosphorescent comics.” — Jason Lutes (author of Berlin)



Last mountain

Last Mountain is an ongoing series of minicomics collecting short comics. New issues are available annually in limited print runs.

#5 - “To Know You’re Alive” - Available here.
#4 - Untitled Bear Comic - Available here.
#3 - Out of print. Featured excerpt from forthcoming book, Murray Geister: Paranormal Investigator.
#2 - Available from Birdcage Bottom Books.
#1 - Out of print. Contents appeared in Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On.
#0 - Out of print. Contents appeared in Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On.



Irene is a comics and art anthology edited by Andy Warner, D.W., and Dakota McFadzean. Together, they published six issues from 2012-2015, which featured artists from every continent on Earth (yes, Antarctica too.) Contributors include Sophie Goldstein, Luke Howard, R. Sikoryak, Carolyn Nowak, Sophie Yanow, Mark Connery, Luke Healy, Tillie Walden, and many more.

It’s a rainbow of color, a dream of beauty, a wild bust of lafter, ‘an regular hot stuff.



Hollow in the Hollows

2014, 32 pages, One Percent Press

A young girl becomes obsessed with something secret she finds in a hollow tree. Was she led there by unseen forces, or is it all in her mind? A short story about bones, sticks cigarettes, and karate.



Team Society League Omnibus 2: 2012-2015

2015, 224 Pages

Toronto jam comics collective Team Society League collects the last 4 years of filth and slapstick in this second omnibus volume.